01/13/14: Church Committee Investigator, Legal Scholar to Testify in Case of Military Spying on Antiwar Protesters
02/24/14: New Records Reveal Army Infiltrator Orchestrated Multi-Agency Spy Ring Targeting Leftists, Anarchists
06/17/14: Hearing Wednesday on Government’s Motion to Dismiss Widely Watched Military Spying Case
07/07/15: Antiwar Activists Forced to File Ninth Circuit Appeal Under Seal in Widely Watched Military Spying Case
01/28/16: Challenge to Military Spying on Antiwar Activists Gains Support of Grassroots and Legal Groups
08/22/16: New Defense Department Policy Bans Same Spying Practices Army Used on U.S. Antiwar Activists for Years
04/04/17: Antiwar Activists to Argue Ninth Circuit Appeal in Widely Watched Military Spying Case


Associated Press

01/13/10: Wash. peace group sues over infiltration
06/19/14: Judge clears man who infiltrated Olympia anti-war group

New York Times

08/01/09: Army Looking Into Monitoring of Protest Groups
12/19/12: Spy Suit Against Army Workers Is Cleared
06/25/13: Defendant Added to Protesters’ Spying Suit
06/19/14: Suit by Protest Groups on Spying Is Dismissed

Democracy Now!

07/28/09: Declassified Docs Reveal Military Operative Spied on WA Peace Groups, Activist Friends Stunned
07/29/09: Christopher Pyle, Whistleblower Who Sparked Church Hearings of 1970s, on Military Spying of Olympia Peace Activists
02/25/14: Exclusive: Inside the Army Spy Ring & Attempted Entrapment of Peace Activists, Iraq Vets, Anarchists

The Nation

06/27/11: Why Is the Military Infiltrating Peace Activist Groups?

Fox News Radio with Alan Combes

02/27/14: AUDIO: Larry Hildes Weighs In On The Army Targeting Anti-War Protesters

Press TV

02/25/14: US Army spied on antiwar protestors


The Olympian

01/14/10: Fort Lewis employee spied on group, suit alleges
12/03/10: Spying case shrouded
06/25/13: Spy admits he accessed Olympia anti-war group’s emails
08/20/13: Documents link Army to man accused of spying on anti-war protesters
06/18/14: Federal judge dismisses lawsuit alleging JBLM “spy” violated Olympia protesters’ civil rights

The Seattle Globalist

07/25/14: How to prove the government is spying on you

Seattle Weekly

06/08/10: Watching the Protesters: These spies may have known too much
08/22/13: The Informants: Bradley Manning and John Towery–Incomparable?
01/18/17: So You Want to Protest: A Beginner’s Guide


Firedoglake: The Dissenter

01/13/14: Former Church Committee Investigator to Testify at Trial Against US Military Spying on Activists
02/26/14: Lawsuit: Attempted Entrapment of Activists by Military Officer & Further Evidence of Domestic Spying
06/16/14: Lawyer: Military Employee Admitted He Was Paid by Army to Attend Private Activist Meetings in Homes
06/17/14: US Army Investigation Found Employee Accused of Spying on Activists Violated Pentagon Directive
06/19/14: Judge Dismisses Major Lawsuit Against Alleged Domestic Military Spying on Antiwar Activists Without Reviewing Evidence
07/08/15: Activists Forced to Submit to Secrecy & File Appeal in Lawsuit Alleging Domestic Military Spying


02/26/14: Spying on Activists: New Document Shows Army Targeted Olympia Anarchists, War Protesters


02/24/14: The New Cointelpro: Records Confirm Army Spying on Political Activists

The Raw Story

02/24/14: New documents prove U.S. Army actively targeted leftist protesters, group says

Seattle Free Press

08/21/14: New Evidence That the US Army Hired Spies to Go Undercover Among Local Anti-War Protesters

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