Meet our Team



Julianne Panagacos

Julianne is a committed grassroots organizer and activist. She has worked in many capacities in the anti-war movement, on food justice issues, and LGBTQ/ gender expression and equity. She is committed to building democracy, collaboration and sharing power in settings small & large. Julianne teaches acroyoga, leads bicycle trips, sings and dances.



Julia Garfield

Julia is a practicing Massage Therapist and Healing Artist. When Julia isn’t massaging, she may be painting, drawing, writing, serving in committees to begin a co-op grocery store in her neighborhood, facilitating Peace and Healing Circles, re-imagining a more life-encouraging urban landscape, singing and guitar playing at a local open mic, hiking, meditating, or practicing yoga.



Brendan Maslauskas Dunn

Brendan is an activist, anarchist, organizer, and proud union member who lives in Utica, NY, where he is pursuing a masters degree at SUNY Cortland. He has organized around issues of homelessness and poverty, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, police brutality, immigrant rights, prisoner justice, and labor. He is committed to a world free of violence, hierarchy and oppression–one that is rooted in mutual aid, cooperation, dignity and justice–“a new world from the ashes of the old.”




Andrea was born and raised in Washington state. She currently resides in Montreal and loves to be in the woods with her dogs as much as possible. This case is important to her not only because of the spying, distrust, fear, and harassment imposed on her and her community during the port protests in Olympia, but also because of the historic reality of government surveillance and it’s effects on many communities who have been denied an opportunity to hold the military and other agencies accountable.



Christopher Grande

Christopher Grande was active in Port Militarization Resistance from 2007 to 2009. Aside from participating in the anti-war movement, Christopher has been active in issues of harm reduction in homeless communities, childcare for low income families, support for survivors of abuse and immigration rights. An avid cyclist, Chris can often be found exploring the wilderness surrounding the Olympia area or entrenched in a good book at home.





Throughout the seven years Glenn spent in Tacoma, Washington, he was involved in a variety of social centers that held workshops, regular potlucks, and even housed a bicycle repair shop that was open to the public. In addition, Glenn worked within the broader community in the puget sound to expose the privately owned ICE Tacoma Northwest Detention center hidden from sight in the tide flats of Tacoma. He currently lives with his family in California, where he works as a security professional.



Jeff Berryhill

Jeff is an activist/organizer living in Minneapolis. He currently works in a Special Education program at an elementary school in Richfield, Minnesota. Next fall Jeff will attend the New School for Social Research where he will pursue a Master’s degree in Historical Studies.




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Larry Hildes

Larry Hildes is a Bellingham, WA based civil rights attorney specializing in representing demonstrators in both criminal and civil cases; the rights of journalists; domestic spying and police misconduct; and race, gender, and sexual orientation discrimination. In 2013, Larry won the Harriet McBride Johnson Award by the National Lawyers’ Guild’s Disability Rights task force for successfully representing disabled clients against the police.


Terry Lodge

Terry Lodge

Terry Lodge is an award-winning Toledo trial lawyer who has represented many clients in civil rights, civil liberties, and environmental cases. A long-time critic of the corporate state, he has represented opponents of nuclear weapons, antiwar activists, opponents of mountaintop removal, and more.




Lindsey Schromen-Wawrin

Lindsey Schromen-Wawrin graduated summa cum laude from Gonzaga University School of Law.  In law school, Lindsey helped restart the student Guild chapter, coordinate a free juvenile record sealing clinic, facilitate a weekly public interest speaker series, and interned with the Federal Defenders.  In a past life, Lindsey taught ecology in the old-growth and riparian forests of the Olympic Peninsula.



Heidi Boghosian

Heidi Boghosian is the executive director of the National Lawyers Guild,  a progressive bar association established in 1937. She is the author of Spying on Democracy: Government Surveillance, Corporate Power and Public Resistance (City Lights Books 2013) and several reports and articles on policing and the First Amendment. She co-hosts the weekly civil liberties radio program, Law and Disorder, which airs on WBAI in New York and over 60 stations across the country.



Dennis Cunningham

Dennis Cunningham went to law school at Loyola University, Chicago during the 1960s. Inspired by the civil rights movement to shape up after a drop-out youth, he got his license just in time to cut his teeth in 1968 defending people arrested in riots that followed the murder of Martin Luther King and protests at the Democratic National Convention. He helped found the People’s Law Office in Chicago and participated in numerous infamous cases involving protesters and protest movements, prisoners and prison rebellions.



Lynne Williams

Lynne Williams is an attorney based in Bar Harbor, Maine. She represents social justice, peace and environmental activists in criminal trials as well as civil rights litigation. She is an experienced jury consultant as well as a published writer, and for decades has worked on behalf of those with disabilities and the Maine medical marijuana community. Lynne is the chair of the Maine chapter of the National Lawyers Guild.



 Claire E. Poulin

Claire Poulin is an attorney based in Portland, Oregon. She graduated cum laude from Lewis & Clark Law School in 2012. In law school, she was actively involved with the National Lawyers Guild student chapter, as well as Animal Law Review and the Environmental Law Caucus, an environmental sustainability group. She worked as judicial clerk before recently starting a solo practice with a focus on civil rights, renters’ rights, and prisoners’ rights.



Legal Workers:


Drew Hendricks (Lead Investigator)

Drew Hendricks is an award winning public records geek, who watches military convoys and ships the way some people watch birds, or trains.  His other hobby is reading police emails and translating their national security jargon into English.  He is a cop-watcher, investigator, organizer, and activist.  He is best known nationally for breaking the story of US Army Spy John Towery and for revealing the DEA / AT&T telephone records data mining program known as Hemisphere and the Bank of America’s Social Media Trolling Team.


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Karen Weill (Legal Assistant/Case Manager)

Karen Weill has been a member of the National Lawyers Guild and Legal Observer for over 10 years. Her activism began with a trip to Beijing, China, as a delegate to the NGO 4th World Conference on Women. She is a proud member of the organizing committee of Jobs with Justice and has been a member of the Legal Committee for Occupy Bellingham since its inception in 2011.


MBrumley - Photo for banner

Madeleine Brumley (Assistant Case Manager/Intern Coordinator)

Madeleine Brumley is is a social justice advocate with policy-making aspirations from Lafayette, Louisiana. She graduated from Wellesley College with a degree in Political Science and Gender Studies in 2011. She is currently a first-year student at Columbia Law School where she serves on the board of a campus group, Empowering Women of Color. She is committed to economic justice and a government by, of, and FOR the people.


Head Shot

Eric Santos (Head Legal Intern)

Eric Santos was born and raised in Chicago, IL. As an undergraduate, he attended Emory University and majored in political science and economics. He is currently a student at Columbia Law School and plans to focus his studies and practice on tax law. He has been working with the National Lawyers Guild as an intern since February, 2014.



Kris Hermes (Media Consultant)

Kris Hermes is a Bay Area-based activist and legal worker who has been part of social justice movements for nearly 30 years. He has organized dozens of press conferences, spoken at numerous community meetings, book fairs, and other similar events across the U.S. He has published hundreds of commentaries, columns, investigative reports, press releases, articles and blogs in his efforts to achieve political change, and has been quoted in countless mainstream and independent media outlets around the world.



Abi Hassen (Coordinating Consultant)

Abi Hassen is Mass Defense Coordinator with the National Lawyers Guild’s national office.  He has a J.D. from NYU School of Law and an extensive background in labor, political, and community organizing. He helped start the NLG NYC’s Muslim Defense Project and the hactivist legal support network, anonlg. Abi is currently serving on the Leadership Committee of the political-technology organization Mayfirst/People-Link.

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